Sea Walking - the Latest Underwater Fascination in Thailand!


Sea Walking 2013-08 - Koh Samui ThailandSea Walking is the latest underwater fun! Enjoy the beauty of the underwater world in Koh Samui the easy way. You don’t need a certification to dive, you don’t need to sit in a classroom if you don’t want to, you don’t even need to read a book to fully enjoy the stunning underwater world of Ko Samui. Sea Walking is an exciting and unforgettable experience and we’re sure you’ll never regret it! Just stroll along the seabed in 10 feet of crystal clear water and observe the sea life as it swims around you.

Underwater Walking is the safest underwater fun for the whole family. There is a constant supply of fresh air pumped into your helmet and there is no restricting regulator or snorkel in your mouth to cause any feeling of discomfort or anxiety. Your head stays dry and you can even reach in to adjust your glasses.

Grab your swimsuit and your towel and get ready to take a walk on the wild side!

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Thong Krut and Taling Gnam KOH SAMUI, Thailand

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